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Dr. Portia J. Bell

Dr. Portia J. Bell

  • 2710 Crossroads Plaza Drive,
  • Columbus, OH 43219

Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 9:00am - 5:00pm

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Hear what our Dental Family has to say!

Welcome to the Office of Portia J. Bell

We provide our patients with the best care possible, and an important part of this process is informing patients of their dental needs. Many individuals who are paying for dental insurance do not realize that their plans provide coverage up to a certain dollar amount annually. Consequently, some patients are not scheduling the dental treatment they need, deserve, and have insurance to cover. Unfortunately, numerous patients do not realize insurance benefits for each year cannot be carried over to the next year. The bottom line: what the patient does not use they lose.

Clearly, it pays in many ways to schedule the preventative care or other dental treatment that you need. We are here to help you secure the insurance coverage available to you on every dental procedure you schedule. Give us a call today, and together let's make sure you are in excellent dental health.

Give the office a call at (614) 471-1161. I look forward to seeing you again and sharing some of the many innovative means we now have available to provide you with superior dental health care.

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Portia J. Bell, DDS

Dr. Portia J. Bell opened her general dental practice in 1987. Since that time, she has enjoyed over 31 years of providing dental services to the Greater Columbus community. Her commitment to the dental profession includes serving on the advisory board of the Dental Assisting Program of the Everest Institute, Fort Hayes Career Center Dental Assisting Advisory Board, and the Columbus State Community College Dental Hygiene Advisory Board. She enjoys sharing information regarding good oral health with all persons, and speaks to groups of all ages upon request.

Dr. Bell's dental practice is located in northeast Columbus at the intersection of Sunbury and Cassidy Roads. Dr. Bell is dedicated to providing heath-centered comprehensive dental care in an atmosphere that encourages awareness and growth.

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